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Among Us
Innersloth LLC

Jul 7, 2021
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About This Game

Among Us is set in space, and the player takes on the role of the crew (or the Pretender (English: one of them. The Crewmate's goal is to find the Impostor and complete the mission, while the Impostor's goal is to kill all crew members without being detected.Play online or via local WiFi with 4-15 players as you try to prepare your ship for departure, but be careful because someone will be the impostor bent on killing everyone!The crew can win by completing all the missions or by spotting the impostors and voting them off the ship.Impostors can use sabotage to create chaos, making it easier to kill enemies and get a better alibi.


How To Play

Among Us is a multiplayer game that supports 4-15 players. In which the game will randomly select 1-3 players to play as the Pretenders and the rest of the players will play as the crew. The game has five maps: The Skeld (English: The Skeld), Skyscraper (English: Mira HQ), Polar (English: Polus), The Airship (English: The Airship) and the upcoming Submarine (English: Submarine). 

The crew has to complete tasks on the map in the form of mini-games, which include maintenance work on vital systems, such as rewiring or refueling engines. Pretenders are given fake mission lists to blend in with the crew, and the pretenders can identify other pretenders and have the ability to sabotage map systems, traverse vents and kill crew members. If a player is killed by a Pretender, they will become a ghost. Ghosts have the ability to pass through walls, but can only continue to interact on the map in a limited way, and are invisible to all players except the dead player who becomes a ghost. All players except ghosts can only see a limited distance.

Crew members need to complete all missions or find and destroy all pretenders to win, while pretenders need to kill a certain number of crew members to make the remaining number equal to the number of pretenders or destroy the countdown to win, (but many times players will drop out due to personal or network reasons, so pretenders can win by killing very few crew members) Ghosts win by assisting their teammates who are crew members or pretenders to complete missions or sabotage. 

When a disguise does sabotage, it either has an immediate effect (e.g. turning off all lights) or the sabotaged facility will start a countdown and if the crew does not solve the facility before the countdown ends, all crew members will die and the game will end.If a player finds a corpse, he/she can immediately inform and force all players to attend a group meeting to vote for the player suspected to be the pretender. If there is more than one highest voter, i.e., a tie, or if there are more abstainers than highest vote-getters, no one will die. Ghosts do not have the right to vote because they know who the pretenders are, i.e. the people who killed them.

 Players can also press the "Emergency meeting" button on the map at any time to call a meeting (either with the Pretender or the crew but not the Ghost), although there is a limit to the number of times each player can press the button, so you may not press it multiple times in a row to give up the opportunity to someone else. 

The game is played via text chat, or by using the "Quick chat" feature for quick input (in the new version only players under 13 can use "Quick chat" for chatting). Only living players can communicate during sessions, while ghosts can only communicate between ghosts. Although the game does not have a built-in voice chat system, players typically use a third-party chat tool like Discord to communicate while playing the game. 

The game offers various customization options, such as a field of view and an emergency meeting button. There are also many items to choose from in the game, such as space suit colors, skins, hats, and pets, some of which require payment.Also, if a player intentionally leaves without dying or finishing multiple times, it is assumed by the system that they are spoofing the player to reduce the number of players in the game in order to cheat. If the crew is reduced, then the pretender can easily win and will be banned from the game for five minutes as a penalty, and will be progressively increased if the mistake is repeated.


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