Subway Surfers
Subway Surfers
SYBO Games

Apr 25, 2022
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About This Game

Want to fly to your heart's content? Then you'll have to dodge some obstacles, like an oncoming train! Want to take on the challenge? 

Subway Surfers is a free arcade parkour game developed by SYBO Games, in which players can help Jake, Tricky and other little friends to escape from the police and police dogs! In addition, players also need to dodge incoming trains and other obstacles that add to the challenge! Although there are a lot of parkour games in the game market, such as Temple Run, Tom Cat Parkour, etc., Subway Surfers is relatively innovative in parkour games!

Some of the settings in the game are relatively new, for example, the general parkour games are based on the theme of chasing and killing, while Subway Surfers is about a literary young man who likes street culture and was found by the conductor on the train and was chased and beaten, and the general parkour games will present a tense game atmosphere for the player, 

from the game screen settings on some designs, such as the game Subway Surfers is different, the game color is very bold, bright colors are very striking, but also to reduce the tension of the game atmosphere, timely game failure will not affect the mood, because the game's background music is more cheerful, can active atmosphere!

The gameplay is very simple and classic, players only need to control the character up, down, left, right to jump, but the game of parkour space than other games, the first is on the ordinary track, the second is on top of the train, the third is possible according to the props to achieve, for example: bouncing shoes and flying book bag, players can reach the air through the flying book bag, so as to pull away from the chase!


How To Play

The gameplay of Subway Surfers is very similar to the familiar Temple Run, players need to control the character to move to avoid some obstacles, as well as pick up as many gold coins as possible, first enter the game, players can choose from a number of characters to choose a role they like to play. 

After the game starts, I believe most players are using one finger to complete the entire game process, perhaps you can try both hands together, using the left hand to control the character to move to the left, the right hand to control the character to move to the right as well as jump up and slide down, because this can give players plenty of time to react. 

In addition to picking up coins during parkour, if you want to get more coins and not spend a penny there is a way that is to watch the ads, when the player completes a parkour, an ad will pop up on the screen, you can choose to click to watch, after completing you will be able to get the corresponding coins, you can also choose to go to the store and click to make money to be able to find it!

As parkour space is divided into three kinds, the best way is perhaps to run on the top of the train, because running on the top of the train will not encounter obstacles, only need players to jump, if it is on the ground players need to dodge different obstacles. 

Therefore, in the player can practice some jumping skills, which can help you to complete parkour more smoothly.The game also provides players with various types of props, such as: flying bags, magnets, bouncing shoes, skateboards and so on, the role of each prop is different, if you use the magnet, it will help you suck off all the gold coins on the runway, so you do not need to move around to get it. If you have a flying book bag that will be lucky, it can help you move to the sky, you will not encounter any obstacles and you can continue to collect gold, but each prop has a different use period, so be sure to pay attention!


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