Cooking Dash
Cooking Dash
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May 28, 2021
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About This Game

Take Flo to the top and finally become a star chef in the fast-paced time management game COOKING DASH!Pack up, prepare, cook, serve... hone your skills, take on the challenges of a variety of restaurants and face the entire TV audience! Applause, laughter, cheers, worrying about everything! With a wide range of personalities and big names, the kitchen is fast-paced and stable, and the star chef competition is dangerous!Become a master chef and compete in the grand finale of the series to win cute pets and costumes!


How To Play

A huge number of levels for you to challenge!Unique restaurants with different styles and lots of fun: Vegas themed steak houses, crazy Mexican trains, trendy coffee houses... the list is endless!Invest money in upgrading your restaurant!Want to become more successful and famous?

 Then spend money on upgrading your restaurant's food and appliances! New ovens, stylish food stations and superb cooking utensils guarantee three-star service for your customers!The prize wheel!Now with the new Weldon Brownie's game - Spin the Wheel! Spin the reels once a day for free to win a variety of prizes including gold, prep recipes, VIP vouchers, machine chefs, clothes, pets and more!Costumes and pets!Dress up Flo with a variety of fun costumes for different events and equip her with a pet to automatically provide prep recipes so you'll have a great helper in the kitchen!Series finale!Want to try your hand at it? 

Face a wave of tough levels in the scenario series finale - for experts only! Conquer each mini-chapter within a scene to unlock 4 or more stars!Gorgeous Trials!Take your chances in the Magnificent Trials! This multiplayer event has different scenarios each time - can you be the best of the best?

Prepare super recipes to attract more customers!Develop special recipes in the prep kitchen to attract customers from all walks of life! They'll make you famous and leave you with cool gifts to keep your coffers full and your kitchen rating up!Become a superstar chef!Create your own live cooking show and show off your luxurious cooking skills in front of the elite VIPs! Host the biggest and most stylish parties, live to a global audience and reap the benefits of fame! This is the perfect stage for all star chefs to make their dreams come true!Call your friends and play games!Invite your friends to play games, give each other gifts and compete against each other to see who is the real culinary mastermind!


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