Super Mecha Champions
Super Mecha Champions
NetEase Games

July 28, 2021
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Binary style battle shooting survival hand game "super mecha champion" shocking attack, the game will be a perfect blend of secondary girls and mecha together, players can choose different roles to feel different combat fun, collect more equipment, a high degree of freedom of combat play, in addition to equipment your skills are also important, a variety of different confrontation mode, you can experience one by one, the peak of the showdown, enjoy the ultimate fun. Get ready to fight!

SMC players from all over the world gather in the city of the future to fight against the amazing cyborg! Unleash your cyborg and fight for the crown you deserve! Exchange firepower! Incredible mecha mayhem! Choose from an all-star mecha lineup and use your skills to join the fierce conflict. Thrilling battles and cool weapons! An explosive combination of people and mechs! In this field, it's not just about technology, but how you strategize and adapt! Plasma cannons, seek missiles, snipers, flamethrowers ....... Get tons of super cool weapons at your disposal! Man vs. Man, Machine vs. Machine ...... A new and exciting combat experience! Stunning graphics! Manga style cities! Pilot a mech through every nook and cranny of the modern ACG Japanese cityscape and tall buildings. From pretty girls with twin ponytails to gentle and charming men, there are a whole host of characters waiting for you to discover and unlock.

It's a dream stage where you're the star! Highly flexible! Work as a team and win! Achieve perfect offense and defense through impeccable teamwork! Utilize fantastic robots, a diverse arsenal of weapons, and responsive controls for unparalleled excitement! Pilot your cyborg through a barrage of incoming projectiles, dodging and returning fire with perfection!


How To Play

The game can be played alone or in multiplayer teams, with armored elements and very hardcore combat effects. 1, three weapons freely switch, Uzi charge into the standard petite girl body type aiming shooting ready to eat chicken; beautiful and fresh! Comic-style anthropomorphic Japanese city! Japanese secondary urban painting style arena, driving a mecha shuttle in every corner of the modern city, crossing between the rooftops of the city to explore. Whether it's a uniformed girl with a double ponytail or a cool handsome guy, more characters to be unlocked and discovered.

"Here! Is the home of your dreams!" Fire in full force! Gorgeous mechs bathing in blood! Mecha competition grand opening, star mechs of your choice, skill attributes gorgeous added! Summon your exclusive mecha, high restoration of exciting battles, show your super high competitive skills! Gunfire duel! Dazzling weapons high-powered war! Human-machine confrontation, locking blow! In this arena, the challenge is not only the equipment, but also your superb and agile combat strategy! Five buttons perfect for me to operate, from jumping to aiming actions can be completed with one click, to achieve a real real-time competition; automatic ranging and marking targets, shooting at the best distance, defeating the enemy in order to successfully eat chicken.


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