Cat Game
Cat Game
Mino Games

Jul 29, 2021
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About This Game

Cat Game is a collection-themed casual hand game by Mino Games. Players will enter a new cat world in the game, in which to collect cats, take care of cats, design cat rooms, build cat buildings, have a variety of cute and interesting cats together to live a happy and joyful life.

 In short, it is the gospel hand game for cat control.Over 900 cats with different characteristics and attributes are provided for players to collect; each cat is paired with elaborate animation effects, which can be described as lifelike and charming; in order to make the cat owners live a happy and joyful life in the cat world, players also need to work hard on their imagination and devote themselves to designing the ultimate rooms for the cats that are either fully functional or unique.

Playing mini-games in Cat Game" can also be rewarded with the hard currency of the game, gold coins, by playing mini-games. The addition of social attributes such as clubs and leaderboards allows players to entertain themselves while enjoying the fun of competing with friends or fellow players and promoting the relationship between players. 


How To Play

In terms of gameplay, "Cat Game" allows players to gain gold and get cats with the help of fun and easy mini-games to satisfy their collecting fetish and obsession with cats. While collecting cats, it is also important to build comfortable rooms for them.

 Different styles of props, costumes and scenes will become essential materials in the hands of players, allowing them to easily build their imaginary dream cat rooms and provide a thoughtful and comfortable living environment for cats. 

The audience of Cat Game is mainly the players who have no resistance to cute things, as well as those who love cats. Of course, the small game with very low difficulty can also become a favorite of children of younger ages. 


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