Hay Day
Hay Day

Jul 1, 2021
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About This Game

Welcome to "Cartoon Farm"! Here you can manage your farm, raise various animals, enjoy fishing, explore the valley, experience personalized decoration, and create your own dream paradise!Farming is easy and fun! You can grow crops such as wheat and corn on your farm, and they will thrive even if it never rains. After harvesting, you can continue to plant seeds to harvest more crops, and then process them into products for sale. 

As your farm grows, you can also raise hens, pigs, cows, and other animals! Feed the animals and collect the eggs, bacon, milk and other produce they produce, then use the products to earn gold, such as trading with other farmers and fulfilling truck orders.Go all out and develop your farm to turn a small, ordinary farm into a large, all-inclusive estate. 

Build production facilities such as a bakery, barbecue, and sugar factory to produce and sell a wide variety of products and grow your farm business bigger and bigger! Sewing machines and looms can make beautiful clothes, and cake ovens can bake delicious cakes. Everything is possible in this dreamland farm!Create your own unique farm with a variety of decorations. You can decorate the achievement list hut, truck and roadside store into a different style. Panda statues, birthday cakes, harps, bass tubas, cellos, and other decorations are all great choices to decorate your farm! Special decorations can make your farm more beautiful, such as flowers that can be used to attract butterflies. 

Create a farm that shows off your personality, and maybe your friends will be inspired to decorate it too!Complete truck orders and shipping orders to sell crops, goods and resources to in-game characters for experience and gold. Upgrade your farm to unlock roadside stores to sell more goods and crops.Play the valley with your friends and enrich your farm life experience. Join or create a community and exchange game tips with community members to help each other build a beautiful farm! Each community can have up to 30 farmers!


How To Play

Building a farm. It's easy to run a farm,get the land, plant the crops, harvest the crops, and the cycle continues,Add personalized elements to your farm to create your own unique paradise, Build bakeries, feed mills, sugar mills and other production facilities to make your farm more and more prosperous.Growing crops.

 Crops such as wheat and corn will never wither, Keep sowing after the harvest to harvest more crops and make products, such as bread from wheat.Raising animals., A variety of cute and lively animals are waiting for you to unlock, Hens, horses, cows and other animals can't wait to join your farm! Puppies, kittens, rabbits and other pets can also become part of your farm family.To other areas. Fishing area: repair the dock and cast your bait to fish.Town: Repair the train station and go to the town to complete orders for town visitors.

Valley: Play with your friends in different themed Valley open seasons and events.Interact with friends and community members to play. Create your community and welcome new members- Trade crops and products with community members in-game. Share game tips with friends and help them fill orders, Participate in weekly derby competitions with community members and win prizes.Trade items.Trade crops, commodities and various resources through truck orders, shipping orders, etc. Sell items through your own roadside store. Experience trading elements in your farming operation as well.


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