Small Town Murders: Match 3
Small Town Murders: Match 3
Rovio Entertainment

Jul 27, 2021
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About This Game

Welcome to Thornton Grove, an idyllic little village where life is simpler away from the hustle and bustle of the big city. The people are friendly and the atmosphere is laid-back - but beneath such a wonderful surface lies a sinister presence. 

A recent spate of strange crimes has shattered the tranquillity of this rural town. It is up to Nora Mistry, a mystery writer with a big heart, to uncover the truth. Investigate the scene, follow the clues, narrow down the suspects and pinpoint the killer!Every crime is a mystery ......Getting to the root of the crime in Thornton Grove requires a keen eye for detail. 

Access the levels and use your detective's instincts to solve matching puzzles and discover key clues hidden at the crime scene. Find clues by solving matching puzzles - simply match three or more objects to clear them and complete the level. Use these clues to question the suspects and solve the mystery in one fell swoop!


How To Play

It's a long story ......Meet the residents of Thornton Grove as you conduct your investigation, each with their own story to tell. Also get to work with the lovely but somewhat unlucky Deputy Sheriff Shanahan. Chat to Mrs Musgrove, a housewife innkeeper, who has lived in the area for decades and knows the dirt on everyone. 

Meet more colourful characters in an ever-evolving plot with twists and turns! But beware , everyone is suspect.In Small Town Mysteries.Solve puzzles, collect hidden clues and unravel mysteries!Test your detective skills in a triple elimination puzzle.Match 3 or more items to clear them. Complete lots of levels!- Befriend the colourful residents of Thornton Grove. Talk gossip with Mrs Musgrove and get valuable clues. Work with Deputy Sheriff Shanahan to solve cases. Investigate crime scenes for clues.-Interrogate suspects and uncover the truth.- Uncover the mystery of Thornton Grove!


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