Baseball Boy
Baseball Boy

Nov 27, 2020
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About This Game

​Play hard or go home!Hit your baseball as hard as you can and upgrade your stats!

Improve your best distance and unlock a better baseball bat!Prepare for some endless baseball fun!You can try to park the pointer in the center to score a home run. 

To earn free money, upgrade your offline income. Leave the game, go to the device and change the date. Return to an active Internet connection and claim free money in Baseball Boy games. 

Always open the game with a valid data connection to claim double earnings. Upgrade your profile and improve your character's stats.


How To Play

In Baseball Boy! players try to hit the ball as far as possible by tapping the screen at the right time, home run derby style. No matter how far the ball hits, they will receive in-game cash that can be used to improve their power or ball speed and bounce. 

After hitting the ball a certain distance, players will receive a new bat - such as a banana, frying pan or fish.The first trick in the list is the "triple hit". After you hit the ball, you must tap the screen after the ball touches the ground. 

Tapping the tape at the right time increases the speed of the ball's movement as well as the level of bounce. With this baseball boy trick, you can effectively use the upgraded speed, bounce and power. Start hitting the ball as it flies. Tap the screen when the ball touches the ground, this will increase the speed of the ball. 

Now, tap again when the ball touches the ground to get another chance to hit the ball. In short, you must tap the screen three times at the right time. If you tap at the right time, you will see a huge increase in the speed and bounce level of the ball.

The second baseball boy trick is the fireball. By hitting the ball perfectly; when the arrow is in the center of the meter, it will turn your normal ball into a fireball. Just press the screen at the right time to stop the pointer in the middle to activate the fireball. To do this use the default bat. To change the bat in the Baseball Boy game, click on the menu option bat on the right and select the default bat.There are four types of upgrades you must perform. Strength, Speed, Jump, and Offline upgrades. Out of these upgrades, Strength is the main upgrade, on the other hand, Offline upgrades are related to your income. Obviously, if you have a lot of money, you can upgrade all attributes immediately and easily. In order to get or double your income, you can always choose "watch ads and double your income".


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