Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Cookie Run: OvenBreak
Devsisters Corp.

Jul 28, 2021
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About This Game

Bite into a sweet endless runner side scroller & collect cute Cookie characters. Run, jump, slide, collect, and bake no prisoners! Cookie Run is the endless runner game with deliciously challenging levels, tons of fun, heart racing running modes, and big rewards!

Are you ready?Come and help the lovely biscuits escape from the witch's oven.Let's go on an adventure together!Use jumps and slides to get jelly or dodge obstacles!Collect over 200 different kinds of biscuits and pets! 

New biscuits and pets every month!Upgrade your biscuits, pets and treasures to create high scores and become even more powerful!A whole host of events! You'll be rewarded with a whole host of great prizes!A variety of game content that you can't get enough of!Escape Mission Mode: Run in relay using a variety of biscuitsTrophy Race: Compete with players from around the world to win trophies!Biscuit Challenge Camp: Take on challenges in levels specially prepared for biscuits!

Champions League: A battleground where the best gather!Memory Island: The island where the biscuits find their memories!


How To Play

 The game is played horizontally, moving from left to right, with Jump at the bottom left of the screen and Slide at the bottom right.

The characters used by the player range from Legendary, Super Rare, Rare, Normal and Special gingerbread men or pets, and each gingerbread man can be upgraded upwards, with the higher the level, the higher the stamina will be, up to a maximum of 15; each pet has an increased effect on the ability of that pet due to its breeding level. 

However, each gingerbread man has a limited number of runs, the lower the level, the more times it can run, after which it has to rest and wait until the time is up before it can continue running.


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