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Epic Seven
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August 5, 2021
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About This Game

The Seventh Epic is a turn-based RPG with many unique combat game elements that provide a unique gaming experience.

In The Seventh Epic, each character will have an established personal storyline, and the game will also differ from the usual RPG training system of fortification, evolution, and limit breakthroughs; characters will be presented in a more in-depth training format (such as camping chats to boost values), and through these, teams will be combined with a location system to form battles.


How To Play

Part of the fun of the game is trying out the team composition. Enemies usually attack the heroes in front of the team more often than other enemies, so it is best to make sure that the front hero is a tank (knight/warrior). In this case, receiving fast and powerful attacks, mages as well as healers and support staff will be safer. However, this is not the only team composition. Often, players can put the tank and healer characters in the front line and the powerful characters behind them will end the battle in a much faster way. If you want to use a slower but safer approach, you can combine two tanks and two healers together.

Consider your play style when creating your own team! The game offers six different types of equipment: weapons, helmets, armor, boots, necklaces, and rings. Players can split these outfits into groups of two or four to further improve their character's attributes and thus make the game experience easier. For different heroes, different combinations are recommended.

For knights and warriors, you can equip a health group and a defense group to provide greater vigor. For thieves and mages, you can equip an attack group and an explosion group to increase damage.

For rangers, you can equip a speed group for added healing and support.

Learn the effects of the various gains and minuses that monsters use on heroes. All buffs and debuffs last for a limited number of turns. Gains include barriers that protect allies or increase attributes such as attack or defense. On the other hand, minus benefits can reduce these states or even completely paralyze enemies. Being able to time gains and minuses correctly and remove them quickly from yourself and your enemies will give you a huge advantage in battle.

There are five different elements fire, ice, earth, light and darkness, which complement each other. Fire is effective against earth, earth is effective against ice, ice is effective against fire, and light and darkness are effective against each other. Elemental advantages bring some benefits, such as greater accuracy and greater damage, while elemental disadvantages mean a higher chance of failed attacks and reduced damage.

This is important when fighting other heroes or more powerful enemies in the arena. There are usually times in the adventure story when you get trapped by a powerful enemy. You can overcome this by trying again with other teams, polishing the early stages to upgrade your heroes or improving their equipment. Unfortunately, sometimes it's impossible to get through without problems.

In addition to giving up, you can enlist the help of your supporters to fight alongside you. You can tag them at any time, or have them automatically replace your first dead hero. These characters can be chosen from the list that appears when you first enter the stage. Join a guild where you can communicate with other guild members via chat, learn how to improve your heroes, and request various items. You can also access the guild's "Member Store" where you can purchase MolaGora seeds, catalysts, and other materials needed to improve your hero. To purchase items from the Member Shop, you will need the Badge of Bravery, a currency that can be obtained by donating gold to the guild or sending assistance to guild members.


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