Farm Heroes Super Saga
Farm Heroes Super Saga Limited

Aug 5, 2021
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About This Game

The makers of Candy Crush Saga and Farm Heroes Saga are back with even bigger Cropsies and more switcher fun in Farm Heroes Super Saga!

 Help the Farm Heroes defeat Rancid and win the Country Show in this adorable match 3 adventure.Lancer the raccoon is up to his tricks again. He wants to win all the farm shows and keep the prizes for himself as a way of destroying the harmony of country life. The farm heroes know he's up to something and now it's up to you to help them beat him. 

Help the farm heroes to complete their tasks, grow the biggest super crops, win the farm show and stop Lancer from continuing to wreak havoc In this game from the Farm Saga series, you'll have to collect as many crops as you can as you break through the levels and help Figgy the Squirrel collect nuts and grow super crops, meeting lots of interesting characters along the way! Beware of Lancer the raccoon, he will do anything to stop you, especially if you let your guard down...

Over 100 fantastic new levels- Awesome game modes and huge new crops!- New hero characters to reveal; but watch out for Lancer the raccoon, he'll cause trouble by surprise!- Exciting "Farm Show" to see who can grow the biggest crop!- Superb new magic props- Simple and fun to play, but challenging to master- Leaderboards for Facebook connected players to compare your score with friends- Easy syncing across devices via the internet and fully unlocked game featuresYou can take on this saga of the harvest alone or have fun and compete with your friends!


How To Play

To start the game - Tap the Farm Heroes Saga icon on your phone to open the game.

Play - Once the game has loaded, click play.This will take you to the map. Tutorial - For the first few levels, you will have a tutorial to guide you. Follow the steps. 

Objectives- On the game board you will see the number of moves you have made, the required crop items and the game board with the crop items. Matching requires 3 or more. Swipe up, down, left or right for similar crop items. Example: You have two carrots with an apple in the middle and a carrot directly above the apple. Swipe down on the carrot and this will match and clear three carrots. 

Boost items - As you progress through the game, you will be able to use boost items to help you. Click on the enhancement icon you wish to use. The item may activate on its own or you may need to confirm by clicking on the green check mark.

Strategy- You may have to clear unwanted items to get the desired item. Watch your remaining actions so you don't run out. Good luck.


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