Genshin Impact
Genshin Impact
miHoYo Limited

Jul 20, 2021
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About This Game

A young girl and boy stand in the dust and sand under a strange sky.You are a pair of twins on a journey, drifting from beyond the world. Your blood relatives were taken away by strange gods, and you were sealed by the gods into a deep sleep.When you wake up again, the landscape of heaven and earth has changed ......

In this vast world, you can travel through the seven kingdoms, meet companions with different personalities and unique abilities, fight together with them against powerful enemies and set out to find your blood relatives, or roam without a destination, immersing yourself in a world full of life and letting your curiosity drive you to discover the mysteries of every corner .Until you're reunited with your separated blood relatives, you'll see everything sink in at the end.

Open world, freedom to exploreThe original Gods is an open-world adventure game, which means that from the moment you set foot in Tivat, there's always something new to see, whether it's crossing a mountain or a river, as long as you plan your energy wisely. If you see a wandering fairy spirit or a strange device, why not explore it and see if you are greeted with a surprise?Elemental interaction, strategic combat.

In this land where the elements meet, the world is made up of seven elements - wind, thunder, water, fire, ice, grass and rock - and characters with the Eye of God can channel the power of the elements for battle and exploration. Water and fire meet to trigger "evaporation", fire and lightning cause "overload", and lightning meets water with "electricity". The key to victory is to use your skills to trigger the right elemental effect on different enemies.

The art style is fresh and transparent, with real time rendering of transitions and character movement through motion capture and detailed adjustments to deliver a high quality performance. The weather and music change dynamically as the day and night change around the clock, so no matter where you are, you can always hear the world's top orchestras, such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra and the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra, perform with regional flair.

Meet unique partners on your adventure, find the best team and strengthen your character with the materials you collect on your journey, and eventually conquer the magic and mysteries of the continent. 

Standing at the top of the clouds, the clouds seem to be in full view. But the lost blood relatives have not yet been reunited, and the truth about the "original gods" has not yet been revealed. ...... Let's go, travellers, the real adventure has just begun.


How To Play

The game has an open world map and apart from normal walking, players can explore a variety of ruins and terrain by climbing, swimming and gliding.Players can choose four characters to fight at a time, and as the story progresses and quests are completed, up to 30 characters will be unlocked. Each character has two skills, Elemental Warfare (a minor move) and Elemental Burst (a major move). 

Elemental Warfare can be activated as soon as the cooldown of the move is over, while Elemental Burst requires the accumulation of elemental energy to be cast, all in elemental form[.World interaction.Players can interact with many set interactable parts of the world, such as fires in the wilderness where they can cook. Sometimes the fires encountered are extinguished and need to be manually lit by the player using a fire character in order to cook. 

Random monsters may be encountered during the adventure journey and will increase in strength as the player levels up. In addition, online play can be enabled after the player reaches adventure level 16.Elemental System."The elemental system is a special feature of the game. There are seven attributes: wind, fire, thunder, water, ice, grass and rock,which complement each other and cause different elemental reactions.

When a fire element comes into contact with an ice element, a melting reaction occurs.When the fire element comes into contact with the water element, an evaporation reaction overload reaction when the fire element comes into contact with the lightning element.combustion reactions when the fire element comes into contact with the grass element.freezing reaction when the ice element comes into contact with the water element.superconductivity reactions when the ice element comes into contact with the lightning element.inductive reactions when the element water comes into contact with the element lightning.crystallisation reactions when the element rock comes into contact with the elements water, fire, ice and thunder.Diffusion reactions when the wind element comes into contact with the water, fire, ice and thunder elements.


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