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6 August 2021
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Afterlife is a post-apocalyptic human survival game created by the NetEase Gold team over a period of three years. After gathering, cutting down trees, mining and hunting to obtain basic resources, players can use them to cook food, craft weapons and defensive equipment, and other items needed to survive.

The game has day and night changes, and on cold nights you must stay by a campfire or carry a torch to avoid frostbite. The game focuses on cooperative survival in the wasteland and the main idea is to guide players to help each other to overcome the harsh environment.

The game uses the virtual joystick as the main mode of operation, with camp building, map exploration, resource gathering and combat confrontation as the main means to help players gradually improve their abilities and the level of the manor.

At the same time, the game also strengthens the concept of players collecting resources, making tools, building homes and camps on their own, and puts more emphasis on mutual collaboration between players and the exclusive camps they eventually run.


How To Play

Experience a semi-zombie style of survival. A group called Dawn Break was born in the midst of the end of the world. They claim that humans who have been bitten by zombies still have a chance - to live as 'undead', to give up their human identity, appearance and abilities, and to be changed forever. It sounds risky, but if it was a matter of life and death, what would you choose?

Create a vast open world - from snowy mountains to beaches, forests to deserts, swamps to cities ...... The vast post-apocalyptic world is full of crises, but there are also endless possibilities. Explore and witness every corner of the post-apocalyptic world in your own footsteps. At the same time, you can collect resources, build infrastructure with other survivors, fortify your defenses and defend against zombie invasion.

Make friends and work together. Survival - In your apocalyptic adventure, you will meet other survivors. Maybe you're tired of all the zombies howling and the night winds howling as you travel alone. Try opening your heart, sharing food with friends, talking through the night, and working together little by little to create a peaceful sanctuary.

Keep hope and will - when the end of the world comes, zombies are everywhere. The social order suddenly collapses and the familiar world becomes alien. Zombies covet human settlements. Inclement weather and scarce resources make movement difficult. And with a power struggle between survivor forces ...... , danger is everywhere. Please stay calm and make sure you survive!


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