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Jun 19, 2021
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Can you get away with murder? This is a highly playable detective game from the makers of 80 Days. A murder has been committed on the SS Hook, 8 hours from New York.

There is only one problem: you did it. Can you get away with murder? Dynamic narrative clockwork. The new generation of visual novels. Anywhere, any time, any way you want.

Simulated story world: Other characters move and act independently, remembering everything they see and hear - and everything you do.

Every minute counts: You have eight hours to escape the law. The clock keeps ticking! Who can you trust? Some characters are friendly, others are out to get you. Who will you make friends with?

Built using the award-winning Ink Narrative Engine, Overboard!'s narrative twists and turns around every choice you make. Play once for excitement, or multiple times to uncover all the secrets and achieve the desired ending. A single playthrough lasts about 30 to 45 minutes, but achieving the perfect crime run takes longer ...... Can you get away with murder?


How To Play

Blackmailing spies. Falling in love. Murdering a rival. Cheat cards. Drugging witnesses. Lying, befriending, betraying, comforting, sneaking, seducing, stealing, borrowing, praying, eavesdropping, killing ......There are clues, evidence, suspects, accusations, secrets and lies.You need to use all your cunning, coercion and charm to ensure that others are held accountable.


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