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Squid Games
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February 18, 2022
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About This Game

Squid game is a traditional group game, to be shaded squid-shaped pattern on the ground, divided into attacking and defending sides for the latter amount of the game. The quads are composed and eventually form a squid shape and get their name.The position of the seagull is the head of the fish, while the four stars are the torso position of the squid, between the head and body, there is a narrow river, become the key to the game, and the head of the squid round and triangle overlap a group of groups, is the final attacker to reach the formation.

Squid survival shooting game featuring red light, green light and other games. Don't miss the last squid survival game, a real roller coaster. In this squid game - New Survival Challenge (unofficial), a man with a gun will appear at any time throughout the squid survival game to kill you in this matchmaker ragdoll game. The only way to get out of this hell is to win the squid survival game.It's up to you how far you'll go to get a second chance to live or die. 

No price is too high for the desperate players of Squid Survival Games, whether they risk their lives to complete this epic survival. 

The horror game delivers a strong emotional beat after each thrilling climax round.This is a very interesting multiplayer adventure game with a battle royale handicap approach chosen.The anxiety-provoking plot vignettes are carried out, and the various replica challenges are very honing your intelligence.

The arbitrary user pairings, enemies and companions, want you to carry out assignments based on the amount of work required.Get as much energy as possible to carry out a variety of challenges, each adventure needs to be carried out with care. 

Inside the game you need to survive in a different Terminator mode.Here there will be a hidden ability to continue to tug you, you need to keep going before the doll's ring ends the final sprint.The anxious and bloodthirsty gameplay actually works, and you can engage in many exciting battles and continue to work on many different adventures.


How To Play

Want to play the squid game, a large number of people, there are eight to ten people good, of course, if the number of people more, will be the pattern painted on it!They need to decide on their own on the attacking party and party, the attacking party into the most favorite player's turtle head of the circle, while the keeper of the keeper will first stand on the torso of the outer station four turtles.

The whole game on the party more favorable than the guardian, the beginning, the attacker single-legged jump out of the squid walking round position, and then must jump over the middle of that narrow river with one foot, and then can come with both feet.Therefore, the work of the defending side to follow, is inside the fish torso, and then in the river defense, tackling the attacking side smoothly jump across the river in order to attack, insist on pushing the attacking side away leading to failure such as line hand touching the ground single-leg jump, or pulling the attacking side into the squid torso, the attacking side will be out of the game. 

The attacker can walk on both legs and reach the "door" at the bottom of the squid's torso to enter the attacking action, and eventually run through all the defenders to reach the round position at the top, as long as one of the attackers reaches the position, 

it is considered a victory.Of course, the process, at the same time, the defending side can pull the shark torso position to attack the defending side and several people to hold the defending side, so that one person can succeed. If the attacking side can completely three-dimensional three-dimensional attacking side, the attacking side can go deeper and round the overlapping position, that is considered a victory. You turn to the attacking side.


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